F80 BMW M3 spied

F80 BMW M3 spied with new toys

The restless child in me is seriously wishing the newest version of the BMW M3 was already out on the market and doesn’t really want to see spyshots anymore.

Unfortunately that’s not what we’re getting. The upcoming F80 BMW M3 was spied running about in the snowy roads around Arjeplog or whatever it’s going on.

F80 BMW M3 spied
F80 BMW M3 spied

The snow in this place isn’t that impressive. It’s not even all white and just look at that background, it’s pretty poor as well.

As you can see, my enthusiasm as to spyshots quickly wears off. It’s got a lot to do with how I consider I’ve already got a pretty good idea about what the next M3 will look like.

Either way, there is one thing that’s genuinely interesting about the brand new set of images we have of this particular M division product.

F80 BMW M3 spied
F80 BMW M3 spied

It’s actually in these photos that we get to see the new carbon ceramic brakes being put to some unusual testing. Most people who’ll buy them will use these cars on a track.

That’s where the brakes get really, really worked over whereas people living in colder environments might not enjoy them so much since they work best at high temps.

Maybe the Bavarians are making sure they’re still safe at those low temperatures or maybe they’re making it so they work regardless of outside conditions.

F80 BMW M3 spied
F80 BMW M3 spied

Either way, it’s impressive to see such expensive brakes being fitted (even if as optional extras) to the M3. It is supposed to be the best of the small luxury sport sedans, why not get this stuff?


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