2014 E89 BMW Z4

2014 E89 BMW Z4 facelift shown off in Detroit

I hate going along the same route but I would have really loved to see a manufacturer mess up and mess up big at an official event.

Unfortunately, the Bavarians are not the ones to provide such an unusual satisfaction. They’ve kept their promise regarding the E89 BMW Z4 facelift they recently announced.

2014 E89 BMW Z4
2014 E89 BMW Z4

With the 2013 Detroit Motor Show having just opened up its doors, the Germans were ready with the official unveiling of the new Z4.

Alongside it, the rest of the models they promised to have in store for NAIAS were readily available. They really won’t give me any sort of hope.

While we did have a bit of a look at the car earlier on and the changes aren’t that revolutionary, there’s the Hyper Orange Package we need to talk about.

2014 E89 BMW Z4
2014 E89 BMW Z4

That’s an exclusive metallic orange paintjob which was hinted at in the press releases but it’s also something that really looks striking.

Under a bunch of flood lights, the reflective nature of this new paint shade really, really puts one retinas at strain.

It’s not something a BMW should do, not even one with a controversial design but since the Z4 is doing rather poorly in sales, a few unusual efforts might be what it needs.

2014 E89 BMW Z4
2014 E89 BMW Z4

Before receiving a smaller brother or a major overhaul that brings the sporty side, the Z4 will have to keep on being on sale in its current form.

I actually reckon the GT side really suits the E89 BMW Z4 and the sporty feeling in it is quite well kept in these conditions.


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