F15 BMW X5 M spied

F15 BMW X5 M spied on the road

BMW’s development of the F15 X5 M model seems to be going at pretty high pace since they’re done with the track work and are now running it down the road.

As a fan could say, I’ll admit to it being an overstatement. Development on a car is never going to be over and that there’s still a few track days in store for the next X5 M.

F15 BMW X5 M spied
F15 BMW X5 M spied

The public appearance is lovely though, especially since the upcoming X5 M is starting to get less and less shy about showing up around here.

The noise this thing is making is pretty sweet too, that twin-turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 can really sing when it has a set of quad exhausts at its disposal.

Unfortunately though, this is pretty much where the really good news end. The camouflage on the SAV is still pretty heavy.

F15 BMW X5 M spied
F15 BMW X5 M spied

Most of the details on this car are simply hidden away. The only exposed bits are the roof, the front windows and the alloy wheels.

The wheels will be changed when the car is released and the windows weren’t expected to be different anyway so we’re basically getting to see nothing.

Among the most important changes here we’ll see the underpinnings so they couldn’t really be visible at any point.

F15 BMW X5 M spied
F15 BMW X5 M spied

That engine is supposed to be turned up to around 600 horsepower whereas the weight should be dropping by about 330 pounds.

Should this information turn out to be accurate, the F10 BMW X5 M should once again stun the world of family friendly SUVs in terms of performance.

LE: Unfortunately, the video was removed during the write-up so we used some images from the same publisher Carparazzi for Bilnorge


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10 years ago

I doubt very much the F15 will arrive with more horse power than the current F10 M5 and F12 / F13 M6 Coupé and Cabrio. Thanks for the report and photos. They look great.

Sidenote: Will you report on the i Series and their tour of New York in the next few weeks?

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