BMW i3 Concept

BMW i4 concept rumored for Los Angeles Auto Show debut

Last we heard, BMW were cooling down their efforts with the i Range products. The hybrid and electric cars were in a bit of a bad phase at the time.

Could things be turning around for these tree hugging vehicles? Or maybe it’s just the way the guys at BMW think about the future of the market.

BMW i3 Concept
BMW i3 Concept

This is so because there’s a rumor that’s started going round about a car called the BMW i4. This would be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

That’s an event less than a month away. Obviously we don’t know everything about BMW’s business and so on but we had a feeling we would have heard about it before.

We’ll admit to that miss and just wait for the car to be unveiled as a coupe-ish version of the fresh i3‘s design can’t be anything but welcome.

BMW i3 Concept
BMW i3 Concept

I still have my doubts about the way this car seems to have popped up out of nowhere, but even I have to admit, Los Angeles is the place.

If anything that is deemed to save the world gets adopted by the elite from that particular corner of the world, the effect will likely snowball.

Under the bonnet we’d expect the same drivetrain as the i3 but it should have something to make it stand out from the standard 168 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque setup.

BMW i3 Concept
BMW i3 Concept

Or maybe it won’t, maybe this will be a car that is more focused on the final bits of the fuel economy and range parts of the equation rather than the sporty side.


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