F82 BMW M4 rendering

F82 BMW M4 rendered and discussed

Don’t we all love the F30 3 Series? Since we definitely do, derivatives like the upcoming F82 BMW M4 Coupe will always fascinate us.

Which is why we keep seeing spyshots and hearing rumors about it. It’s also why people spend a lot of time to create renders of what they reckon it will look like.

F82 BMW M4 rendering
F82 BMW M4 rendering

What can I say, the images look great, the concept behind them and the execution are just as impressive and in the end that’s not the most important bit of the discussion.

As we’ve gotten used to, the guys at F30post showcased their knowledge of the M4’s performance and technical feats alongside the new images.

Most importantly, the engine is what we all want to know about. It seems that initial rumors of it having around 450 horsepower are not true.

F82 BMW M4 rendering
F82 BMW M4 rendering

In truth, the “multi-turbo” 3.2 liter inline six cylinder engine will only develop around the same sort of horsepower as the outgoing naturally aspirated V8.

The true gain will be in the torque figure which will grow significantly. What we should expect is around 420 horsepower and 395 lb-ft.

Electric power steering will make its way through, but BMW promise it will be reworked specifically for this car in order to achieve even better feedback.

F82 BMW M4 rendering
F82 BMW M4 rendering

What is particularly interesting is that it seems the M3 and the M4 will both retain the manual gearbox. We’re yet to find out if this is an option or standard feature.

Finally, there’s a bit of a disappointment as the F80 M3 (the sedan) will be coming out in late 2013 at the best with the F82 M4 coming in a year later.


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10 years ago

WicKed !!

Carl Gruber
Carl Gruber
9 years ago

Just goes to show you the E46 is the most charismatic styling BMW has come up with. Looks like the E46 was its dad. you can only make it different not better!

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