Facelifted F01 BMW 7 Series goes to Russia

Moscow’s Motor Show has closed. It wasn’t that long ago and in some parts, analysts are still weighing its newly gained importance on the global motoring scene.

The upcoming status of the former Soviet Union leader attracts a lot of interest from car makers, particularly those in the luxury segment.

F01 BMW 7 Series
F01 BMW 7 Series

For BMW the choice was obvious, they had to portray the recently facelifted F01 7 Series in Russia in a very special way.

And so they did. Except in going to Russia with the 7 Series, the Bavarians didn’t spin the limousine around Moscow.

The filming actually took place in St. Peteresburg, a city that’s quite a bit more pleasant as a background for some luxury shooting.


As you’d expect, the presentation is almost dry, featuring no drifts, no explosions and no dinosaurs. Still, the highlights of the 7 Series are made clear.

After all, driving dynamics, efficiency, luxury feel and lots of toys is what the key demographic for this car really wants.

I’m not trying to disagree with BMW’s presentation but I reckon you can find out more about the F01 BMW 7 Series newest facelift here.

F01 BMW 7 Series
F01 BMW 7 Series

Provided you’re impressed enough, you can check up on the pricing here and you should know that just about any self respecting dealer has access to a 7 Series for you to test.

It may be praised for the toys, the back seat comfort, the quietness, but, trust me on this, you’ll want to take it for a drive at least once a week.

Not many cars weighing in this much could brag about the same sort of attraction.


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