BMW 1-Series

BMW 1 Series GT leaked in Germany

Germany’s AutoBild magazine came up with a surprise today. Their newest issue features the world premiere of the BMW 1 Series GT.

So far, only one image of the new car is available (alongside an outline if that’s relevant) as the actual magazine will turn up tomorrow.

BMW 1 Series Coupe

BMW 1 Series Coupe

There’s no word out on exactly how much detail the German magazine has on the new car but if you don’t get a chance at it don’t worry, the car is going to be fully unveiled at the Paris Motor Show.

There are however a few things that have been known about the BMW 1 Series GT, or Active Sports Tourer as it seems to be called in some cases, for quite some time.

It will be somewhere between a hatchback and an MPV, meant to be yet another one of those BMW niche products we keep seeing so many of lately.

BMW 1 Series GT

BMW 1 Series GT

It will be a seriously practical car (for a BMW) and it should make mince meat of its main rival, the Mercedes A Class.

More importantly however, it will be the first BMW model ever made with front wheel drive. The platform underneath this car is called UKL1.

That’s a fresh design and though it will premiere in the 1 Series GT, it will eventually underpin the next generations of Mini products.

BMW 1 Series GT

BMW 1 Series GT

We’re likely to get a bit of a scoop tomorrow from the Germans that leaked it or from the ones that will present it if patience holds us until the end of the month.


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9 years ago

It’s an MPV that’s why it’s a FWD good thing for family! And this kind of car allows BMW to decrease the average fuel usage across all vehicles sold by the brand.