BMW M1 and 3.0 CSL put on auction in Dubai

People from BMW announced their intention to put on auction two BMW models, more exactly we are talking about two models belonging to BMW Classic since 1990. Meanwhile, BMW M1 and BMW 3.0 CLS, because these are the models in question, were checked and repaired if was needed in order to have no technical or aesthetic issues.


The Germans at BMW will say goodbye from a M1 and a 3.0 CLS somewhere in October, when the auction in question, Bohnams, in Dubai, will be held. Karl Baumer, head of BMW Classic department claimed that isn’t the first and last time when we see BMW to put on auction classic models.

BMW 3.0 CSL and BMW M1
BMW 3.0 CSL and BMW M1

He declared that this is a new feature for BMW and in future there will be more and more classic German models to find new owners. Baumer also added: “I have no doubt that, for this debut, we have made the right choice in terms of the location and our partners”.


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