First spy photos with MINI Cooper S Facelift

Here we got some really cool spy photos with MINI Cooper S Facelift that are revealing us the full design of the car either that the car is camouflaged with camouflage stickers, we can still see the shapes of the car which are revealing us some updates made at the front and rear side.

The spy photos with this MINI Cooper S Facelift were taken in the south of Germany. As I said, there are some changes at the front and rear side including slightly modified air take and camo tape at points on the front bumper.

Also, this MINI Cooper S Facelift comes with new rear lighting and the clusters are including LEDs. The rear bumper will be totally replaced according to the thoughts of the photographer. This MINI Cooper S Facelift will be released next year making part of 2012 generation of cars.


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Steve Cooper
Steve Cooper
11 years ago

The 1.6L 4 cylinder engine is connected to a standard 6-speed manual transmission which bursts 121 horsepower and increase fuel economy

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