New rumors about BMW M1

Here we have some new rumors about BMW M1 and I can start telling you by resuming all of these new rumors in two words: carbon fiber. As you can see on the internet, on the posts dedicated to BMW M1, a lot of pictures are with BMW Tii Concept so this should be something like a teaser of how it will look.

This new BMW M1 will come with carbon fiber hood, trunk, spoiler, mirrors, front splitters, side skirts, rear valence diffuser, dashboard panels; M-stripes which can be on the right, left or center, 18” competition wheels, matte paint options, techno violet option, full or half leather seats, M tricolor pattern on door panels, aluminum panels, Alcantra seat fabric and roof headliner.

I guess that we don’t need any other information about this BMW M1 because these rumors if are right they are telling us almost exactly how is this car going to look.


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