BMW M6 by Dinan

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This is a pretty old news but at the same time I need to remember you about it because it is a very important one from all tunings for BMW cars especially that in the past time we saw no tuning for BMW M6 or at last I don’t remember anyone.

This BMW M6 in the stock model can develop an amazing power of 500 horsepower but this tuning is mean just to change the engine so after applying the tuning kit, this BMW M6 will be able to develop an additional 128 horsepower which makes the BMW M6 tuned by Dinan to develop a total of 628 horsepower which is awesome for such a car.

I also must say that this BMW M6 by Dinan can develop a maximum torque of 482 lb-ft at 6200 rotations per minute. Anyway, this will cost you $40,000 which is a very big amount of money but if you are able to purchase it, I tell you, you should.


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