BMW Z4 GT3 with M3 V8 engine

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These should be great news for the speed maniacs that are at the same time also BMW fans. Yes, BMW Z4 GT3 is coming with the BMW M3 V8 engine, thing that will happen next year. Anyway, it is still not the same engine but don’t worry, it will be a much better one, better said an updated BMW M3’s V8 engine.

The BMW M3’s V8 4.0 liter engine will be able to push this car to develop up to 480 horsepower and it will also feature a 6 speed gearbox transmission which will make this little cool car able to “fly”.

Anyway, I can say that there is a problem or at last for the people like me this car is priced at 298,000 euros which is a very big price for such a tiny car but I still respect it because it can develop very high performances and it’s also built by my favorite auto maker: BMW.


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RV Rentals
RV Rentals
14 years ago

I really like the idea of M3 V8 Engine. I’ve always thought there should be some system like that on cars.
I love this car really it look much cute and very attractive.The photo itself is so brilliant how will be the car i am thinking that.. I love this silver color and all the features of the car are very good.. Amazing car.survival kits……

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