BMW 1 Series – Made In China

BMW 1 Series

Earlier last week, the news were released on internet: BMW 1 Series is about to be built in China. The news appeared in China Car Times and this is about to happen in the next years. More exactly, this can become reality at the begining of the next year. There is a big minus in this work, namely that the prices will grow up influenced by the import costs.

At the moment, 120i (MT/AT) and 130i (AT) are imported to China and the 120i with manual and automatic gearbox transmission will be built in China after this move. The 130i will not be built in China and will remain an imported model. The imported 1 Series will cost around 270,000 yuan ($39,557) but you know that the price depends on specifications thate you make when you buy a car.

The news that appeared on the internet doesn’t say what are the reasons that BMW will make this move but from my opinion, this is a very bad idea.

BMW 1 SeriesBMW 1 SeriesBMW 1 Series


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13 years ago

Any BMW product built in China…will never sit in my Garage…BMW …What are you thinking???

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