BMW 135i and 335i performance kit

BMW 135i and 335i

At the Geneva motor show, BMW will present the new performance kit wich will boost the 3.0 liter engine from 135i and 535i. The engine have been upgraded with 20 hp so from 300 hp will be upgraded at 320 hp. The torque is 317 lb-ft at the manual gearbox and 332 lb-ft at the automatic gearbox.

This new performance kit will come with an additional radiator on the outside of the engine and air flow ducts to help cool the engine. This new kit is available on the following models: 335i Convertible, 135i Convertible, 335i Coupé, 135i Coupé, 335i Touring and 335i Saloon.

This new performance kit really attracts my attention on these two models. Personally, these are the models that I can afford and that I love. The old versions of 3 Series can be found at second hand under a 2000 euros and the 1 Series have the aspect that makes me wish a car like this even more than a X6 and any other expensive car.

BMW 135iBMW 135iBMW 335i


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12 years ago

$2,000 (not including installation – 5 hours est.) is a lot of dough for an auxillary radiator, hotter sparkplugs and software reprogramming.

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