Spy Photos: Mystery BMW Concept

Mystery BMW Concept

Fans expect a BMW concept sport car to be released at the Frankfurt autoshow. As you can see the covered car from these pictures is a sport car because it has two doors (three including the trunk). Taking into consideration the mentioned facts, this is probably the BMW’s concept sport car that will be presented at the Frankfurt auto show.

A Bimmerpost user made a sketch (picture right here) based on the spy photos of this mystery BMW covered concept. Acording to a BMW spokesperson, this is just a five year old design study. Ok, it was a design study but why it was covered and sealed with tape?

Through my eyes, this car is very similar to a 2010 BMW 5 Series GT or a 2010 BMW 7 Series. These pictures made me very curious and I can’t wait to see this car uncovered from pictures and videos taked at the Frankfurt auto show.

Mystery BMW ConceptMystery BMW ConceptMystery BMW Concept


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12 years ago

Not a legitimate spy photo. I work for bmw, the way you can tell it’s not legit, the roundels are shown on the wheels, We don’t leave any trace of what the vehicle might be,2, we’re not going to advertise it on a car cover. Sorry try again. The F-15 isn’t going to be a car anyway, it’s the next generation X-5,

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