G-Power BMW M6 Hurricane CS – World’s fastest BMW

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G-Power BMW M6 Hurricane CS

On 10 April, we have talked about the appearance of BMW X5M and X6M which are powered by V8 Twin-Turbo engine (555hp and 680Nm). Also, BMW didn’t hesitate to reveal the 2009 BMW 760Li that is equipped by a V12 Twin-Turbo engine (544hp and 780Nm). Both, X5M and X6M, have a acceleration of 4.4s from 0 to 100km/h, while the G-Power BMW M6 Hurricane CS reach a 0-100km/h speed acceleration of 4.4s and becomes the world’s fastest BMW.

Let’s move on to describe the vehicle’s engine, the design and also the materials used in by G-Power for this formidable BMW M6 Coupe.

G-Power BMW M6 Hurricane CS is the fastest BMW and uses a 5-liter V10 SK III RS twin-supercharger engine (between 7500 and 8000rpm) with a power of 750hp and the car reach a top speed up to 390km/h. The vehicle has a acceleration of 9.6s from 0 to 200km/h, respectively 26s from 0 to 300km/h.

G-Power BMW M6 Hurricane CS Engine

G-Power BMW M6 Hurricane CS has a “eye-catch” design and the interior is equipped with carbon fiber seats that ensure a perfect comfort and carbon fiber materials. Also, it has a Clubsport suspension package, carbon ceramic brakes, a 0 to 400km/h speedometer, etc.

G-Power BMW M6 Hurricane CS has a special start price of €360,000.

G-Power BMW M6 Hurricane CSG-Power BMW M6 Hurricane CSG-Power BMW M6 Hurricane CS


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Andy Fletcher
Andy Fletcher
13 years ago

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