BMW Z2 Concept at Frankfurt


Word’s on the street that BMW would introduce a new Z2 concept at the Frankfurt Motor show in September. Although there were whispers that BMW abandoned the development of the Z2 as iMotor reported: “Everyone in the motoring media seems to be talking about this car but it’s not on my product plan and that lists the forthcoming models for the next 10 years” quoting its source, seems like BMW Z2 will have a BMW convertible top and will hit the market earlier.

According to AutoZeitung, BMW is working on the BMW Z2 roadster that will be based on the new 1-Series platform. Z2 roadster will have a soft-top that will fold into the trunk. Under the hood BMW is planning the 120hp 1.6 litre 4-cylinder engine, and two turbocharged engines ranging from 175hp to 211hp.

Configured to allow front-, rear- or all-wheel drive, the Z2 is likely to feature the German automaker’s latest fuel-saving Efficient Dynamics technology, including a possible plug-in hybrid powertrain. Rumors say that BMW Z2 could get a sequential transmission borrowed from BMW’s high-end motorcycles. The BMW Z2 will weigh in at UNDER 1,000 kg, weight being kept low by using composite materials in key parts, while Active Aerodynamics (adjustable front spoiler and intake slats) should offer high downforce when necessary and low drag the rest of the time.


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