Videos: F87 BMW M2 Coupe with Eisenmann Exhaust

Pehaps a few have heard about the Eisenmann tuner company that mainly deals with heavy exhaust customizations for every BMW M models, older or newer, and its tuning projects are extremely impressive, as we can see videos below, which present an F87 M2 Coupe wearing one.

In this case, like almost any other cases involving a BMW product, Eisenmann has been closely working with iND Distribution, another important supplier of aftermarket parts for BMW carmaker, and their result of their collaboration can be as well seen in the videos below.

According to bmwcoop online magazine, the model in question has been long tested, the tuners aiming not to add a power boost but to ensure that the car keeps a clean yet an extreme engine soundtrack note. And for this, they had to carefully add some new bits that would make it really standout.

So, what are the standout parts that make the Eisenmann exhaust system so special? Well, it surely comes with some important bits.

First of all, the tuner has installed a downpipe-back design for the perfect sound, the rear tube being concealed under the rear bumper, allowing thus the exhaust to perfectly fit in the OEM styled holes, without spoilling the car`s aggressive design.

Also, the aftermarket specialists have also installed a valve control system as standard, which activates and deactivates by using the car`s computer controls and allowing an extremely ”nice” sound. Other features refer to the wide choice of finishes and styles, including stainless steel tips in brushed, black or polished finishes. In case you don`t want the stainless-steel, then you can also opt for the carbon fiber type. But you`d better watch the videos below to see how well have done the aftermarket shop on the F87 BMW M2 Coupe!


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