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BMW i5 Reported Coming as a Crossover

The German based carmaker is planning to extend the “i” range by adding an i5 to the already existing all-electric i3, the model reportedly coming as a crossover, and not as a sedan or a longer i3, as previously reported.

The new report comes from Auto Express auto magazine, stating that the future BMW i5 is more likely to come as a crossover, which would prove more successful in the crossover segment.

We might be also looking here at a keen competition, especially since the upcoming i5 crossover would have to compete against other high-end models from the segment, such as the Audi Q6 e-tron or the newly arrived Tesla Model X, which basically has no competitor at the moment.

The same report also states that the BMW i5 crossover might come with a lightweight carbon fiber body style, along with an all-electric powertrain, which would come with a range mile of around 321 km. As expected, the autonomous driving technology would be also implemented.

As a reminder, the BMW i3 all-electric packs a rear-engine and a rear-wheel drive system.We are talking about an electric motor, which outputs a great 250 Nm of torque, hooked to a single-speed transmission, while the 650cc two-cylinder petrol range extender, provides an additional of 34 horsepower.


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