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F82 BMW M4 Akrapovic Exhaust by Hamann, Video Launched

Ever since its humble beginning on the market last year, the already famous F82 BMW M4 has been a real sensation worldwide, along with its sibling the BMW M3 Sedan, both models receiving their rightful place amongst the hottest sports cars in the world.

And telling you honestly, the F82 BMW M4 has changed the entire thinking of the aftermarket shops, which have begun to develop special and customized programs concerning the body style. And only a handful of M4s have received some mods under the hood. And this F82 BMW M4 received the same treatment, the model being fitted with the Akrapovic exhaust system. The entire program was put together by the one and only Hamann German based tuner.

F82 BMW M4 Akrapovic Exhaust by Hamann

F82 BMW M4 Akrapovic Exhaust by Hamann

And if the 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine would normally produce 425 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque, via the M-DCT transmission, with the Akrapovic exhaust system the sports car is now producing 516 horsepower and impressive 700 Nm of torque. But if you really want to see this modified F82 BMW M4 in action, then just push the play button and enjoy the full engine revving!

Apart the Akrapovic exhaust system, the aftermarket specialists from the Hamann tuner division have also fitted the body style with more aggressive design lines, making it a really standout model! Enjoy the video with the F82 BMW M4 Akrapovic Exhaust by Hamann!


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