1981 BMW M1 for sale

One 1981 BMW M1 just popped on the market

It seems that BMW fans with a lot of money now have the chance to grab a very rare piece of BMW history in the form of a 1981 BMW M1.

While this car isn’t really common occurrence on any road, this makes the second one this year to come on the market.

1981 BMW M1 for sale
1981 BMW M1 for sale

The BMW M1 is to date the only supercar BMW ever built, and as such, it is held in high regard by car enthusiasts worldwide. This particular unit comes with a price tag of $499.000. That is almost half a million dollars. This is a lot of money even for an M1.

1981 BMW M1 for sale
1981 BMW M1 for sale

The last unit that came on the market only went for $312.000, and that was a limited edition version. This one is pretty much standard, and it even has 12482 miles on the odometer. The owner does say the BMW M1 is in top shape, and it might as well be true, but the price is still a bit steep.


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