BMW Solar Carport Concept

BMW i sub-brand gets Solar Carports

It seems that this whole i cars that BMW has going on is not just for their image nor is it just an exercise in engineering.

The German car maker is planning to really expand and improve on their already successful design and make the i sub-brand a whole new side of BMW.

BMW Solar Carport Concept
BMW Solar Carport Concept

Right now, two vehicles sport the greener drive units, the small city car i3, and the larger hybrid sportscar i8. The foundation is therefore set, but while they are working on new models, they also have in mind solutions for the infrastructure they will need.

BMW Solar Carport Concept
BMW Solar Carport Concept

For this purpose they presented the Solar Carport Concept, which are basically ecological recharging stations for i cars. As this is BMW designing them, the concept has been pushed a bit beyond conventional limits. Not only are they using solar panels to generate electricity, but even the structure itself is build out of bamboo, which is considered the eco option, as it grows rather fast.

BMW Solar Carport Concept
BMW Solar Carport Concept

In Europe, once these Solar Carports start popping up, they will come with a 30 year warranty. Big plans for the German manufacturer, but they do have the resources and ideology to bring them to fruition.


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