BMW M Division

New BMW M5 will sport a lot of power

When it comes to M variants of a certain car, BMW does a pretty good job of it, bringing a lot of extra oomph to their already great vehicles.

Recently, a nice tidbit of information was uploaded to the internet concerning the next gen BMW M5.

BMW M Division
BMW M Division

It seems that the Bavarian car maker is infusing the M5 with a dose of over 600 Hp and 700 Nm of torque. That is quite a lot of power under the bonnet, and the good news don’t stop there.

As you might know, with the development of the i3 electric city car, BMW also invested heavily in research and development, with the more prominent result being the CRRP. Not so long ago, BMW stated that pretty much all new models will use this technology in different quantities. The BMW M5, too, will benefit from this lightweight material.

To all this add the fact that the manufacturer will be delivering the BMW M5 with an optional AWD system, and you get a real beast, with only the craziest of owners tuning it for even more. A quick number crunching estimates an acceleration time to 100 km/h around the 3.5 seconds mark.


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