BMW Z4 Project Slingshot

Putting BMW Z4 Project slingshot tuning under the spotlights

It was only a few days ago when we all got to take a look at the latest tuning work of Alpina BMW, the famous Alpina D3 prototype that should be unveiled during the Frankfurt Motor Show and here we are today, putting under scrutiny another recent tuning work, for the same BMW brand, only that this time realized by MWDesign.

The tuned unit is a black BMW Z4, whose performances were seriously skyrocketed and, surprisingly or not, part of the design was inspired from… Nike. Read on and you will discover that some other big names were also involved in developing the BMW Z4 project slingshot.

BMW Z4 Project Slingshot
BMW Z4 Project Slingshot

Long story short, we are talking about a final motoring that should develop up to 400hp respectively 420 lb-ft of torque. The 3.0 liters engine, turbocharged and twin-scroll, gets 116 lb-ft of torque and 78hp alone from the DINAN labeled ECU upgrade.

BMW Z4 Project Slingshot
BMW Z4 Project Slingshot

In order to successfully resist to this power, BMW Z4 also got new shoes, meaning 20-inch wheels in three-piece and a special aluminum finish, plus 245/30/20 front – 285/25/20 rear Toyo Tires.

BMW Z4 Project Slingshot
BMW Z4 Project Slingshot

The list of goodies in this slingshot project also includes an Eisenmann Exhaust and a STETT Performance kit (diverter valves and intercooler). Now enough with the talk, let us enjoy the photos that are absolutely catchy.


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