BMW 2 Series 3D rendering

2 Series BMW 3D model

BMW is rearranging the vehicle line-up for a better differentiation between certain models.

Thus, in a matter similar to the 3 and 4 Series, the new 2 Series model will be replacing the former 1 Series coupe and cabriolet versions.

BMW 2 Series 3D rendering
BMW 2 Series 3D rendering

Unlike the 4 Series, though, the 2-er is quite a while out and BMW is keeping it under wraps as best as they can. But even the mighty slip up from time to time, and back in May, photographers caught a few snaps at the new model. The spy shots fueled the imagination of many artist and after the incident, the number of renderings on the 2 Series saw an increase.

BMW 2 Series 3D rendering
BMW 2 Series 3D rendering

Humster 3D even went so far as to build a 3D model of the vehicle and showcase it in a short video. And while we can only thank them for the effort, we can’t help but notice the model is a bit off compared to the general lines on the 2 Series caught by the photographers. But you can judge that for yourselves below.


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