BMW i3 Electric

BMW i3 to be unveiled on July 29

After years of silence from the famous German carmaker BMW on the EV market, we finally get to hear some exciting news!

The 29th of July is supposed to mark a comeback of BMW through the unveil of a new electric car concept referred to as BMW i3 EV.

BMW i3 Electric
BMW i3 Electric

And while various spy shots with the i3 unit being tested surfaced the media on different occasions, we did not have the chance to take a glimpse of how does the new BMW i3 look and feel on the inside…

BMW i3 Electric
BMW i3 Electric

So what we know and expect to see at the end of this month would be a BMW i3 with an electric motor mounted on its rear, carrying up to 249 Nm torque and 170 HP on a 2 cylinder 0.65 liter capacity.

BMW i3 Electric
BMW i3 Electric

All these should take any BMW fan up to 220 km with one fuel fill! If you are a fan of electric cars, we really need to ask you these: what say you of the starting price of 40.800 euros for the standard EV version?

BMW i3 Electric
BMW i3 Electric

Just to make yourself an idea on how serious they are about it, we have to add that BMW officials suggested that the production capacity may double in the next five years!


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