BMW 4 Series Pickup Rendering

A pickup version of the BMW 4 series envisioned

BMW has never built a pickup truck so far. And while there are some that just might hope for it, there are not even rumors pointing towards one.

The closest thing is the BMW X5 project built by a dealership in Australia that aimed to turn the SUV into a pickup truck.

BMW 4 Series Pickup Rendering
BMW 4 Series Pickup Rendering

And while that was a pretty good job, it was still an aftermarket project. BMW did, indeed, publish pictures of a 3 Series pickup version, but it was just an April’s fool joke. Still there are those that don’t lose hope.

BMW 4 Series Pickup Rendering
BMW 4 Series Pickup Rendering

One of those believers is Theophilus Chin, an artist who, either as a fun project or out of desire, rendered his version of a 4 Series pickup. The 4 series is close to its debut, and there are plenty of pictures and video clips out there completely revealing the shapes, so the designer had all the information he needed to make the rendering.

He even went so far as to put an xDrive badge on the tailgate. The level of detail is impressive and the resulted rendering is quite easy on the eyes.

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