E90 BMW M3

E90 BMW M3 – fun on a dry lake bed

There are plenty ways to enjoy a proper car like the E90 BMW M3, and the guys from Vividracing presented a video clip with one such way.

They took the M3 to a dry lake bed and let it loose on the terrain with spectacular results.

E90 BMW M3
E90 BMW M3

The fun you can have in such a location seems quite palpable in the short video. With every hard turn the vehicle throws the back out, with wheels spinning and dust flying all over.

The only problem, besides the obvious amount of dust you will probably ingest, is the fact that all the pebbles could damage your car when you throw them around at those speeds. And while it might be quite rough on the tires, the softer terrain is actually better than tarmac.

This particular E90 BMW M3 unit is prepped with an VF620 VF Engineering supercharger kit, an Agency Power exhaust system, Brembo brakes and a body kit from Vorsteiner, so they might have had a little bit more fun, but as long as you can get to such a location, mostly any car will do.


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