F30 BMW 3 Series M Sport

F30 3 Series goes M Sport, gets photo shoot

You can’t not give credit to BMW for coming up with such well rounded machines but sometimes you have to also appreciate the passion the brand’s fans demonstrate once they get those cars.

A great example of what I’m on about can be found in a recent post by one of the members of the f30post forums. He’s not only handy with the ideas, he also knows his way round a camera.

F30 BMW 3 Series M Sport
F30 BMW 3 Series M Sport

His F30 3 Series received a special M Sport body kit makeover alongside some snazzy big alloy wheels sized at 20 inches.

The M Sport package obviously sharpens up the looks and a silver painted BMW couldn’t possibly go wrong. So what’s the deal with the wheels.

They do look familiar, but there’s just now way the F30 comes which such alloys, they’re not even in the options bin.

F30 BMW 3 Series M Sport
F30 BMW 3 Series M Sport

Thankfully, if you have some imagination, it’s not such a problematic idea. The owner got his set from an even more impressive BMW model.

It’s the style 373M option you can find the 650i M Sport. In keeping with the GT mantra, the tires are wider and provide more grip as they are now 245/35 at the front and 275/30 at the rear.

The owner is pretty pleased with the result and such a car does corner flatter, is more encouraging through the bends but there is a downside.

F30 BMW 3 Series M Sport
F30 BMW 3 Series M Sport

Fuel economy levels are bound to drop (even though this is the 328i version of the F30) and in some cases the comfort could be compromised.


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