Kelleners Sport KS5-S

Gallery: Kelleners Sport F10 BMW M5

It’s not often that one can say he’s found a car that’s better than the BMW M5. It’s almost impossible to say you’ve found a sedan that’s better than the F10 BMW M5.

Don’t worry though, I haven’t lost my senses and I haven’t yet lost my affection for our favorite Bavarian company but I have found something better.

Kelleners Sport KS5-S
Kelleners Sport KS5-S

It’s called the Kelleners Sport KS5-S. It’s not as obscure as you might imagine at first. We’re actually looking at a greatly tuned version of the BMW M5.

Great is a matter of perspective as it doesn’t really make sense to everybody. Kelleners Sport is a German tuner who’ve only tweaked the F10 BMW M5.

Those tweaks are the ones that make a difference and it’s the subtlety of the way everything has been thought out that makes the entire package work.

Kelleners Sport KS5-S
Kelleners Sport KS5-S

The 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine now develops 660 horsepower – enough to make for a noticeable difference (100 extra ponies) – yet not too much to spoil it.

Kelleners claim their KS5-S can even go as far as hit a top speed of 205 mph. Naturally, in order to achieve this sort of figures you need more than just power.

A new suspension was fitted, the car was lowered and teamed with a slightly refreshed aerodynamic body kit and new 20 inch Hamburg design wheels are fitted.

For me however it’s the look of the interior and exterior that seals the deal. Just have a proper look at the gallery below.


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