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BMW 6 Series GranCoupe by Kelleners Sport

BMW 6 Series GranCoupe gets Kelleners Sport kit

Kelleners Sport released initial details and photos on a new tuning kit developed for the BMW 6 Series GranCoupe. The new package is not finishes so this is just a preview of the new kit. However, we can get a quite exact idea of how the model will look like […]

by July 21, 2013 1 comment BMW 6-Series, BMW Tuning News
8 years ago
Kelleners Sport KS5-S

Gallery: Kelleners Sport F10 BMW M5

It’s not often that one can say he’s found a car that’s better than the BMW M5. It’s almost impossible to say you’ve found a sedan that’s better than the F10 BMW M5. Don’t worry though, I haven’t lost my senses and I haven’t yet lost my affection for our […]

by June 17, 2012 0 comments BMW M5
9 years ago
BMW 1 Series M Coupe by Kelleners Sport

Kelleners Sport creates a performance package for the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe

Kelleners Sport tuners unveiled a new tuning package, this time the model in question is the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe, the smallest but still powerful M model ever created. This package comes for the people considering that the standard 1M Coupe is not very capable in terms of […]

by July 12, 2011 0 comments BMW 1-Series, BMW Tuning News
10 years ago