2013 BMW X6 M

2013 BMW X6 facelift carries over to X6 M

Since the Bavarians pushed out a refreshed version of the BMW X6 under the 2013 banner, it would be a natural move to send the same updates over to the raunchy X6 M version.

The M Division’s least enthusiast appreciated vehicle will now look the part and is presented here in a stunning candy red finish that just “works” with the tinted windows.

2013 BMW X6 M
2013 BMW X6 M

Most likely, the tinted windows have been photo-shopped in but the effect is still undeniable. Unfortunately, just like the standard car’s facelift, there are some complaints.

The styling changes are even more limited this time. The same headlight and taillight updates have been made and all the LED technology you want is there.

2013 BMW X6 M
2013 BMW X6 M

Sadly, because of the monster of an engine that lives under the bonnet of the 2013 BMW X6 M, the front bumper redesign didn’t happen. At least the slightly reshaped kidney grills have made it in.

Speaking of that engine, it is exactly the same as before. Honestly, that’s not a complaint, the 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 is still as awesome as ever and it develops 555 horsepower and 501 lb-ft of torque.

2013 BMW X6 M
2013 BMW X6 M

Inside the X6 M’s new interior there’s an obvious sense of “deja vu” and this comes as no surprise since the only changes you get are added color choices for the leather.

The exterior finish also receives a few more options in terms of visual clout but really, that’s about it. Let’s face it, as much bashing as we could do, it’s just a facelift, not a redesign.


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X6 M Driver
X6 M Driver
11 years ago

Hmm, I say – the updates are a good way to keep current owners interest and to quite possibly bring on new consumers of the Mighty M.

First let me say that these pictures are of the European version – Even though the X6 M is made here in the good old US of A!

The Front Fascia, Bonnet, Headlamp,Grill, Tail Lamp, and Boot (Trunk lid) are the easiest changes I notice based on these pictures. And yes, the Tints are reserved for these type of photo ops. The rear windows and the quater window (where the Hofmeister kink) is are all tinted naturally.

Once I see it in person, I can assure you many more changes have been made exterior / Interior included.

X6 M Driver
X6 M Driver
11 years ago

I forgot to mention the Caliper painted Blue with the M Performance on it. That’s critical! (Wink – Wink)! M owners can appreciate this comment.

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