2012 BMW X5

BMW X5 xDrive35i gets small recall

Humans make mistakes and as much as we like to think of the guys over at BMW being gods, they have gone wrong once or twice.

This time however, regarding the 2012 BMW X5 in xDrive 35i spec, a mistake has sneaked into that will lead to a recall. The mistake or the problem aren’t really that important but the number of cars recalled is.

2012 BMW X5
2012 BMW X5

It seems that ONLY SIX cars are affected by the problem and BMW will start notifying X5 owners as soon as possible and that they’ve already wrote a letter to the NHTSA.

I’m willing to bet the authority, no matter how serious they have to be had a bit of a giggle when opening that letter and reading the number of affected vehicles.

Getting into the problem, it seems that something within the automatic transmission of these 2012 BMW X5 xDrive35i SAVs doesn’t work properly and yet may appear to have engaged Park.

2012 BMW X5
2012 BMW X5

There’s a bit of a risk of a roll away when owners leave their cars which could lead to accidents, therefore the injuries and deaths that could then occur so the matter is actually serious.

These affected 2012 BMW X5 models have been built between December 19 and 21 of last year.

The fix for the situation will be done free of charge at local BMW dealers but it may take a bit of time. Apparently the only way to ensure this problem goes away is to replace the transmission.

2012 BMW X5
2012 BMW X5

Even if its small, this recall should bring quite the cost to the Bavarians as transmission swaps don’t come cheap. Particularly when they’re as modern as the eight speed 2012 BMW X5 has.


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