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The new BMW M5 F10 gets overcome by a M5 E60 in Germany

From the start we have to tell you that we are not encouraging this kind of behavior while driving on public roads especially at high speeds.

BMW M5 F10 and M5 E60 on Autobahn

BMW M5 F10 and M5 E60 on Autobahn

We talked several times about the new BMW M5 F10, first time when some photos hit the Internet from a private event held in Munich, then the Germans released the official details and also yesterday when we had the opportunity to see the interior thanks to some journalists from Shanghai.

This time, we got a video starring the BMW M5 F10 prototype while doing some tests on a German highway. Nothing unusual since now but the shocking part is that the video is shot by a driver of an older M5 E60 who forced its vehicle just to overcome the newer M5.

The driver almost hit 300 km/h but nothing is illegal as he was running on a piece of Autobahn where is no speed limit. Of course, driving at this speed and filming yourself it’s a very risky job, thus, this is a negative example and we are not promoting this kind of behavior.


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