Rumors on the hybrid powertrain of the new BMW i8 supercar

According to the first details, BMW is looking forward to fit the new BMW i8 which is scheduled to debut somewhere in 2013 with a hybrid powertrain which consists of an electric engine, of course, but also with a petrol unit, not the diesel turbo propeller as we expected.

BMW i8 spied
BMW i8 spied

This decision is little confusing as we all know that a diesel engine is more proper for a hybrid powertrain considering the fuel efficiency provided by it comparing to a petrol propeller.

These rumors are based on the recent statements of BMW’s development department chief, Klaus Draeger, who comes with the argument that the new BMW i8 wants to be a global model, thus, a petrol engine will fit best even for Europe it is not the best choice.

BMW i8 spied
BMW i8 spied

We can’t tell you for sure if this is the final decision because we relate just to the recent statements of the BMW official. If they’ll choose anyway the diesel engine we can tell you few estimative figures for the 2013 BMW i8. Thus, the diesel-electric powertrain would be able to develop 323 horsepower, 161 from the 1.5-liter turbo diesel and 162 ponies from the electric unit.


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