BMW planning significant CO2 emissions improvements in the coming years

According to some sources within the German manufacturer, the future 3 Series range will offer significant improvements in terms of CO2 emissions, as the BMW’s 320d EfficientDynamics will be able to emit just 99 g/km CO2 emissions from 2013. The statement above was made by a BMW source quoted by the British publication Autocar.

Future BMW 3 Series Rendering
Future BMW 3 Series Rendering

The same source within BMW claims that in 2015 the emissions level will be lowered even more, reaching about 90 g/km. The Germans are also developing a system able to improve the efficiency of the Connected Drive and EfficientDynamics systems in order to give even a 15% better fuel consumption together with CO2 emissions.

Autocar also claims that according to the German source, BMW will make possible a connection between the vehicle and the driving conditions in order to improve the figures based on the feedback provided from the driving conditions to the car. The sattelite navigation will also be improved to analyze the traffic conditions ahead and build a better alternative to reach the destination.


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