Video: BMW C1-E Concept

BMW C1-E Concept

This is not the only video from the internet with the new BMW C1-E Concept but this time I will talk to you, only about this one.  First I have to tell you that we talked to you first time about BMW C1-E Concept some few time ago and if you search “BMW C1-E Concept” or click here, you can read that article.

By watching a video, you can realise how is been drived this vehicle and how useful is it on streets or better said, in traffic. If you still don’t know, BMW C1-E Concept is a scooter with a full electric system. I can’t tell you from my own experience but from what I see in this video, you can easily drive this vehicle.

BMW C1-E Concept is also built with a roll over bar and also with a seat belt so it’s very safe. You can watch the video that I talked about in this post:

BMW C1-E ConceptBMW C1-E ConceptBMW C1-E Concept


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