New Spy Photos: 2010 BMW 5 Series

2010 BMW 5 Series

Yes, it’s closer and closer so another set of spy photos appeared on the internet. You probably got bored but if you want to buy such a car, I recommend you to watch each spy photo to find out any detail about this car.

I noticed a thing talking about the camouflage: on 2010 BMW 5 Series they are sticking the stickers the same way. To make you notice that, I put a spy photo from another set of images (see the last thumbnail). After many talks about this new 2010 BMW 5 Series, they even made a codename for this car: F10.

The base model of the new 2010 BMW 5 Series will be packed with a 2.5 liter engine while the most powerfull model will be packed with a 4.8 liter engine wich will make this car to fly. Now stay tuned to our blog because this is not the last time when you hear things about the new 2010 BMW 5 Series.

2010 BMW 5 Series2010 BMW 5 Series2010 BMW 5 Series


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