BMW 5 Series by Wald

BMW 5 Series by Wald

Wald International presented a new look for BMW 5 Series E60. This car will be sold to the police, probably for undercover cops. The design is based on BMW M5 Sports Line. These are the changes they made to BMW 5 Series E60:  they changed the front and rear bumper, the trunk spoiler, sports door mirror and d.t.m. sports muffler.

The frosted black color from BMW is just lovely, it gives a lot of Bond’s car look. Another new fact on BMW 5 Series by Wald is the big Mahora 20 and 19 inch wheels. The guys from Wald are Japanese and this BMW 5 Series by Wald would fit perfectly in Tokyo night traffic.

If I would make a new James Bond movie, I would think about this car because all you need are the special effects and of course, James Bond himself. Shuichi Miwa, the Wald International’s director, reported that they had many choices of body kits so it was very hard for them to choose one. BMW 5 Series E60 will be available for sale soon.

BMW 5 Series by WaldBMW 5 Series by WaldBMW 5 Series by Wald


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12 years ago

Dear sir,

Just curious, if I wanna purchase your Wald body kits, how much is it ? and is it possible to send it to Indonesia ?


Ricardo Paulino
Ricardo Paulino
9 years ago

If I want to purchase your Wald body kits , what is the price ?? I live in New York . Please get back to me a.s.a.p would like to have it soon . Thank you

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