Frankfurt 2009: BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid

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BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid

If you read, you should already know that BMW wants to sell 1.000 cars represented by ActiveHybrid 7 Series and ActiveHybrid X6. In this post I will talk to you about the presentation of BMW ActiveHybrid 7 at Frankfurt Auto Show. It is not a full hybrid vehicle but it has an electric engine.

BMW fans who were at 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show, wrote on the internet that BMW ActiveHybrid 7 Series makes almost no noise. The 4.4 V8 engine from BMW ActiveHybrid 7 Series develops 449 horsepower and 479 lb-ft. After the release from Frankfurt Auto Show, BMW will make many other models of ActiveHybrid 7 Series.

This car looks great and for a hybrid vehicle, is much more than I would ever expect. The objective of BMW to sell 1.000 ActiveHybrid will be very easy to accomplish and in my opinion, very easy to overcome. On the internet are posted a lot of videos; you can watch one of them here and many original pictures with BMW ActiveHybrid 7 Series from Frankfurt Auto Show, here.

[source: autoblog]

BMW ActiveHybrid 7BMW 7 Series ActiveHybridBMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid


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