2010 BMW X3 spy photos

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2010 BMW X3

We didn’t get the chance to talk about the 2010 BMW X3, but this the perfect moment.

The 2010 BMW X3 was spotted on the road along with his predecessor, the old X3. This car will have to face competition from Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLK. The car will be available in 6 different options, two will run on gasoline and four on diesel. The weakest car will develop 231 horse power and the strongest model will reach 306 horse power. The 2010 BMW X3 might also appear in a hybrid version. From what we see in the pictures, the car is a little lower than the old X3 and, as we expected, the headlights and stoplights will surely be different.

Now, we just have to wait for the official release.

2010 BMW X32010 BMW X32010 BMW X3


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12 years ago

When do you think the new BMW X3 2010 will be released?

Marcus M.
12 years ago

Hi Diana, there are rumors that next generation BMW X3 will arrive this winter.

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