BMW 3 Series or Cardi Body II roadster?

Cardi Body II roadster

In 2003, the Russian Cardi automaker introduced a new model.

After 5 years, the car is ready for business. However, you might find it similar with the BMW 3 Series. There is a good explanation for this: many elements are either borrowed or inspired from the great BMW vehicle. For example, the 196 horse power engine is mounted on the BMW 3 Series platform. Even so, it is hard to distinguish the front side of the car from the back side. The similarities continue throughout the interior. Cardi Body II has also borrowed the entire instrument panel, the gearshift and even the front seats.

BMW seems to have nothing against the Russian company and they shouldn’t. The Cardi Body II roadster is a nice car, but it won’t affect the place of the BMW 3 Series on the automarket anytime soon. Let’s take a look at the pictures.

BMW 3 SeriesCardi Body II roadsterCardi Body II roadsterCardi Body II roadster


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