BMW 7 Series Diesel in the US

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BMW 7 Series Diesel
Many discussions were started around the BMW 7 Series, but no one expected for it to be released on the US market. Because of the current international factors, more people are starting to be attracted by the BMW 7 Series Diesel engine.

This six cylinder machine is capable of reaching 245 horse power, more than enough for any BMW lover. There are two main versions of the Diesel engine, but we don’t know which one will be introduced in the US, at least not yet. The BMW 7 Series Diesel has gained popularity because of its efficiency: it can be 25% more fuel efficient than the gasoline version.

This information was released by Jim O’Donnell and we are the first website who announced it.

BMW 7 Series DieselBMW 7 Series DieselBMW 7 Series Diesel


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