2019 BMW 3 Series Interior

Top Accessories For Your Vehicle

No matter what car you drive, you always want your morning commute to be as comfortable as possible. With many of us having our own morning routine and music that we love to listen to, there are several gadgets that you can add to your BMW to make driving every day significantly easier on you and much more enjoyable for the family.

A CARhandGEL Customisable Dispenser

In the unusual time that is the Coronavirus pandemic, a bottle of hand sanitiser has become a must-have in the car. But with some cars having limited storage space for items such as this, finding the right sport to place it can be a challenge. However, the CARhandGEL Customisable Dispenser can be the perfect gift for them. This dispenser is designed to fit perfectly into a BMW cup holder and can be customised with a name and a logo, making this the perfect gift option for anyone this year.

Alexa-Enabled Roav VIVA Car Charger

For anyone that loves a smart home device, the gift of an Alexa-Enabled Roav VIVA Car Charger is one that we are sure they will love. With two USB charging slots on the device and the simple job of plugging it into the cigarette lighter you can have all the charging capability that you need with the added bonus of Alexa voice capability.

This can be linked to the satnav in your BMW as well as allow you to control your Alexa devices inside the home from out on the driveway for the ultimate smart home experience.

Custom Car Mats

Another gift that you can give to your loved one this year is car mats. With several options out there for some of the best car mats to protect the interior of your BMW, why not add a customisable element to make it the perfect gift for a loved one.

At you can add a trim and even customise the car mat with a name to make sure that the mat and the interior of your BMW match for the perfect all-round look for their brand-new car along with all the tools necessary to fit them.

An Inflatable Car Bed

The final gift that you can give to your loved one who spends ages in the car is the gift of an inflatable bed. Whether they are someone that spends hours on the road or they love to go on solo camping trips to some of the unusual places around the UK, the inflatable bed can be kept in the boot and makes the perfect edition to any car should you find yourself in need of somewhere to sleep. This will go across the back of the seats when folded down to create either a single or double bed inn the back of the car.

Whether you are looking to purchase the gift for a family member or a friend, there are several gadgets out there that are perfect for the ultimate car lover. Which of these will you be choosing?


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