BMW Engine Temperature is high

What to Do When Your Car is Overheating

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Let’s say you’re visiting a city like Dubai and you’ve got to have a beautiful car like a BMW. You have to fit in with the city scene, right? You’re taking your BMW down the road at full pelt, when you see a startling and potentially fearful sight. You see steam coming from under the hood. What’s worse, you notice the temperature gauge is going off the charts on your dash. Something is definitely wrong. Most likely? Your engine is overheating.

First, Don’t Panic: Crank Up the Heat

It’s essential that you remain calm. Whatever the problem, is a developed service and you’ll be able to get the car towed to a garage to fix any damage, but you have to take a few steps of your own first.

You’ll very likely be running the a/c unit in Dubai, so you need to turn that off. Next, you need to crank up the heat. It seems crazy, but that heater will help take off some of the pressure on the engine, dissipating some heat into the cabin. You’ll sweat more, but you might just be saving the engine.

Second, Pull Over Safely

Find a spot where you can pull over and wait for at least 15 minutes. It’ll need to be out of the way, not obstructing any other traffic, but also somewhere you won’t be in danger of collisions. Pull over and then switch off the engine.

Third, Open the Hood and Wait

The next task will be to pop the hood open and let the excess heat escape. Be careful if you open yourself, there may be a lot of steam under there. Leave the hood open and let the engine cool down for about 15 minutes. You can check its progress on the temperature gauge.

Finally, Check for Problems and/or Call for Help

If you just want the help to come, then call a car recovery in Dubai and wait patiently. While you’re waiting, though, you could check out what went wrong. When the engine is cool, open up the radiator and check the coolant levels. If they are low, that might have caused the overheating. At the same time, look for signs of leaking coolant or oil. If coolant is leaking, there will be a kind of sweet smell. If there’s more of a burnt smell, then that is likely leaking oil. Either way, you’ll need a professional to look at it.


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