Rendering: BMW X8 M

Just like the X7, the new-born star from BMW, the X8, will definitely have an M division that would somehow refresh the hardcore segment. And that is because the X8 was seen in numerous spy shots while performing hard tests on the track.

And judging by the way it will look and feel, the X8 M will be a real badass. The recent rendering shows a glimpse of how it might come out towards the end of 2022. Yes, M lovers will have to wait that long, as the regular X8 will only see the sun at the end of 2021.

With the G09 BMW X8 on the track, spy shots revealed an extremely radical-looking SUV, with rough edges at the exterior and advanced technology inside. And that sparked the imagination of rendering artists who pictured the upcoming X8 M as an outrageously looking spaceship with all sorts of weaponry on board.

So, the latest rendering photo reveals the BMW X8 M with an insane and massive body. However, some parts look smaller than the ones from the X7 M. One of them is the kidney grille, which is visibly smaller. The slicker headlights complete the front design and provide a rigid yet imposing feel and attitude. Another striking element is the new M bumper with two large air curtains, while the hood provides a sporty feel, exactly the one found on the M3 or M4 in their latest editions.

As expected, the interior will also be refreshed with M trims and elements, which will differentiate it from the current X7 M. This means full leather upholsteries, new materials, updated digital screens, and much more. Rumors have it, that the X8 M might also gain the OS interface, also found on the X7 M.

The high-end model from the M division will also stand on a new platform and not the same used on the current X7M. This means it will be built from the ground and will allegedly come with a new engine and power.

Speaking of motorizations, reports state the presence of two variants. A base one, with power standing at 617 HP, and a top of the line version with a hybrid powertrain. This might become the first electrified M model in the history of the Bavarian manufacturer. The latter one is part of what we know so far as the “Project Rockstar,” which will give the start of a new electrification era in the M`s agenda. The topper variant of the X8 M will use the same 4.4-liter twin-turbo engine, however, it will work in tandem with an electric motor, for a combined power of 750HP. And if this rumor is confirmed, we will be dealing with the most powerful hybrid car BMW has ever created.


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