Video: Get to Know the History of E60 BMW 5-Series

The fifth-generation E60 BMW 5-Series was an exceptional car, both loved and hated by lots, depending on how they saw the model. But one thing was certain: besides the love-it-or-hated-it design, it was a German ride built to last.

Now, we have the pleasure of seeing it in an amazing video which highlights its exceptional mechanics and exquisite technical specifications. We are looking here at a fourth such video, after BMW also put together other three videos with the E12, E28, the E34 as well as the E39.

When it came out, the model was really revolutionary in terms of technology, coming with lots of high-tech gizmos and gadgetries way ahead its time. The interior came with head-up display technology, active cruise control and voice control, advanced steering, iDrive system as well as the latest high-end materials.

Besides that, when it was launched back in 2003, the advanced technology was mostly added to make the driver`s cruising more comfortable and pleasant, without spoiling the real driving adventure, and involving the other passengers into operating the car`s navigation systems.

Besides the new technology on board, the model was an instant hit due to the wide space inside, much wider than the previous generation, while in the engine department, it managed to surprise everyone with an extremely high-performance turbocharged petrol burner, way ahead its time.

Since words are useless at the moment, you are invited to take a closer look at the car`s review in the video below! Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to share your opinion with us!


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