2018 G20 BMW 3-Series EV Version Might Be just Around the Corner

The never-ending battle between Tesla and BMW for the electric and plug-in hybrid segments have led to outstanding innovations in the auto industry, each carmaker trying to launch exquisite and more evolutionary vehicles.

In this regard, Tesla is now taking the lead in the EV market with its latest product, the Tesla Model 3, while BMW is trying to recover with its future generation of ā€œiā€ models, preparing a future BMW i5, slotted between the i3 and i8. But the i5 is not the only full electric vehicle from the German carmaker.

According to a recent report from Auto Express, BMW is presuming working on a G20 version from its 3-Series, set to be unveiled in 2018 as a full electric vehicle, and underpinning the company`s latest CLAR platform, also seen on the 5-, 6- or 7-Series.

In case that happens, we might be dealing here with the first EV model from the mid-size segment, the model coming with lightweight materials, consisting of aluminum and carbon fiber. The lightweight platform will lead to improve range.

Supposing weighing just 1,425 kg, the future G20 3-Series would come with improved performance. Also, the battery pack would also come with a range of an impressive 480 km, with the battery pack ranging up to 90 kWh.

According to the same report, the EV variant of the 3-Series might arrive around 2020, after the entire 3-Series would have been already launched.


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