BMW M5 Video Screenshot

Do You Fancy the Revving Sound of These Four Different BMW M5s?

I purely love BMW for all that it has done for the auto industry, making its way into the world with unique and impressive models, and the M5 is set to be another iconic model that has set the benchmarks in terms of innovation and performance.

And now we have the real proof that the BMW M5 is indeed a genuine model, thanks to a video which is showcasing the revving engine of four M5 generations. Each one comes with a distinctive sound that reminds us of the period and time it used to make us all proud of owning one.

BMW M5 Video Screenshot
BMW M5 Video Screenshot

The video is first showing the iconic E34, that model that used to turn a lot of heads in its glory days of the year 1989. Then follows another M5 version, the E39, a real innovative model from an architectural point of view, being lighter than the last two models, the E60 and the F10.

But the real torque can be heard on the E60 and F10, two engines that are still fighting for supremacy. Take into account the V10 as opposed to the V8 twin-turbo, both sounding incredibly wild. But only you my friends can decide which one still takes your breath away! Enjoy the video and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!


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