1989 BMW 320i

1989 BMW 320i Is a Bargain

A lot of old and iconic models are put for auctions or simply offered for sales today, but the price does not always reflect their true values.

Some of them come with a weird background if you like, revealing wore-out bodies or ragged interiors. It is also a collector`s choice to buy them almost for nothing and transform them into real deals.

1989 BMW 320i
1989 BMW 320i

But this 1989 BMW 320i from the 3-Series seems to look quite pristine condition, the model also coming with just 47,201 km, or the equivalent of 29,335 miles in the United States.

1989 BMW 320i
1989 BMW 320i

And guess what, you can get it for just $10,770 and receive an intact car with a four-speed automatic transmission. Of course, this might only suit all of those traditional guys out there that really cherrish classic BMWs.

1989 BMW 320i
1989 BMW 320i

The 1989 BMW 320i was fited with a 2.0-liter straight-six engine, developing a good 127 horsepower for those times, which would put it below the 325i, with 168 horsepower and 318i, with 138 horsepower.

1989 BMW 320i
1989 BMW 320i

But it does not matter how you put it, this classy 320i deserves a little bit more respect from us and I would personally buy it for a higher price, especially since it reminds me of the old forgotten times. And the photo gallery is also impressive, enjoy it to the full!


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